FTF Episode 21- Fuck you science????

May 21st, 2015

The Gauntlets have been thrown down, and we responded.  We KNOW it's semantics, but we want you to think about WHY it is you're doing the shit you're doing.  We know we will offend at LEAST 2 people. and we don't care.   

This is the return of Coach Brian Hyland to the FTF podcast.  He will be appearing regularly again.  
Coach K and Coach B drink to the word science... and if you don't think it was hard NOT to say the word, then you better listen!!!  
Reunions are always amazing!!! 
You just really have to listen!! .. that's all I can say! - 
In this episode: 
Programming updates
Brian Updates
FTF Licensing program
Refuting that there is no scientific principles in any strength and conditioning program
a bunch of random talking that usually occurs! 

Episode 13 for FTF Fitness

May 27th, 2014

In this Episode, We have Matthew Sanchez from FTF in Clovis.  He describes his experience at FTF and what it's like being a part of the community. 

Props and shout outs in this episode:
Josh Golden and Casey Hatnick :)  Great job this weekend
Guiseppe Gallo (Krissie Get in the gym) 
FTF Affiliate Challenge
Folsom Crew (Eli and the bunch) 
Rupert the Pig
Sweet River bar and Grill
Memorial Day Murph
CrossFit San Gabriel Valley
FTF Pasadena
Carleen Lassard
We discuss the announcement from a certain head person of a very large company.  We also discuss an idea about regionals and our thoughts on the process of the fair measurement of "the fittest people on the planet"
We discuss events-  oh shit, the word of the day. 
Coach K has too much coldcock... whiskey... 
Brian discusses something, but we have no idea what! 
There's a lot of Redd's apple ale flying around 

FTF Fitness Episode 1

November 25th, 2013
Here it is!!! The first ever, FTF Fitness Podcast in a long series to come. Today we discuss a little about FTF (We will expand in each podcast ), talk about SMR, uncover the true meaning of RX and of course, have to take a drink with our word of the podcast! No holds barred and of course in our true Coach K and Brian fashion, our filters seem to be lacking! We encourage you to pull up a comfortable spot, dig in and get ready to have a good time. We don't have any frills or cool music on our podcasts yet, but as we learn how to use our editing software, we will get there.

Please bear with us as this is raw and new for us!! Between Brian and myself, we are surprised we were even able to get the recording software to work!!

We look forward to many more to come. We started out light hearted and will get more topics along each podcast. Thank you for taking the time to listen!!

Please let us know what you think.  Send an email to kevin@crossfitftf.com.  We are working on getting an RSS and podcast feed on our website!
Thank you!