Exercise Intensity continues plus some fun stuff!

July 20th, 2017

Today's Podcast went by WAY too quick.  Thanks to those of you whom have provided some feedback. Today we updated about some things going on in the world of Kevin and Brian and then move into our discussion about exercise intensity and application to fitness goals. We discussed target heart rate and calcualtion of "zones" and about how the science of exercise workes with intensity... we have so much on this topic.. we are moving into another one next week on it as well. too much good stuff!


High Intensity versus Low Intensity Fitness- What’s really going on?

July 11th, 2017

Today we ask the question "What is High Intensity versus Low Intensity exercise"


We start off answering a question from one of our long time listeners about the use of altitude masks, and whether they work or not the way they say they do.  What do you think we said? 


We continue into the topic of high vs low intensity and talk about energy systems and why we are wired all the time. Well, at least kevin!  Energy systems, how we work and what to do...  it's all in this two part podcast.  


Brian and Kevin go high intensity and bring you a ton of info!   (sober) 


What is Fitness, Wellness and Health

July 6th, 2017

Brian and Kevin get back to the roots fo what they started in, health and Fitness.  We are gearing the podcast towards a topic we are both passionate about and can apparently talk for days about, months maybe even years!!  It's time to get this thing rolling... as we remind people of our background AND then help define health and fitness.   It's the beginning of a whole new road!!  Take a listen!