Destined for Greatness- A Road Map on how to apply life success, not just motivation!

October 19th, 2015

In this episode, Etana Kopin, a member from FTF Fitness Pasadena tells a little about her story and then interviews Coach K- Lifestyle, Life Success and Fitness Coach 

The questions are about how to handle change, how to move through pain, how to move through challenges and obstacles, not just in one area of life, but all over.  
This interview reveals more of how thinking about things can help you in achieving that which it is.  It is also important to understand that we discuss that Coach K didn't ALWAYS think the way he did, and that it is a skill that can be learned!   Sharpening the saw took Coach K Years, and now, with the skill set he has to accomplish great things, there is very rarely a time in which he is held back from anything! 
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