FTF Fitness Episode 22- From Across the Pond

May 22nd, 2015

In this episode, we go further than we have ever ventured for a podcast.  This Episode, we have a guest speaker and FTF Performance Team Athlete all the way from London.  The owner of CrossFit Bromley and FTF Performance Team Athlete Gemma Bailey is here to give her thoughts on many topics.

Hosted by Dre Williams, Coach K and Gemma Bailey, we discuss the following things: 
Training the fundamentals
How to make your finger numb on your phone by pressing a button
What came first,  the chicken or the egg?  The science or the movement?
STOP BASHING EACH OTHER in the fitness industry
What are semantics anyway. 
Kevin Drinks coffee and Dre cries...  well.. what else is new
Thank you for your continued support of our podcast!!  We love doing this and have a lot of fun doing so!! 

FTF Episode 21- Fuck you science????

May 21st, 2015

The Gauntlets have been thrown down, and we responded.  We KNOW it's semantics, but we want you to think about WHY it is you're doing the shit you're doing.  We know we will offend at LEAST 2 people. and we don't care.   

This is the return of Coach Brian Hyland to the FTF podcast.  He will be appearing regularly again.  
Coach K and Coach B drink to the word science... and if you don't think it was hard NOT to say the word, then you better listen!!!  
Reunions are always amazing!!! 
You just really have to listen!! .. that's all I can say! - 
In this episode: 
Programming updates
Brian Updates
FTF Licensing program
Refuting that there is no scientific principles in any strength and conditioning program
a bunch of random talking that usually occurs! 

FTF Fitness Episode 20- The return of the podcast!

May 16th, 2015

Welcome to Epsiode 20 from FTF Fitness.  we are returning to new podcasts, and getting the word back out about health and wellness ranging from functional fitness to Bro Session to strength training to all sorts of methods! 

In this episode, we give an update of what's been happening with FTF, what direction we are headed and how we are doing.  We talk about the definition of functional fitness. 
We speak about many different topics however there is NO word of the day... Coach K even took 34 minutes to get his normal vocabulary back.  We are a little out of practice!! :)  
Great podcast.  Lots of info, and, well.. lots of Dre!