Episode 13 for FTF Fitness

May 27th, 2014

In this Episode, We have Matthew Sanchez from FTF in Clovis.  He describes his experience at FTF and what it's like being a part of the community. 

Props and shout outs in this episode:
Josh Golden and Casey Hatnick :)  Great job this weekend
Guiseppe Gallo (Krissie Get in the gym) 
FTF Affiliate Challenge
Folsom Crew (Eli and the bunch) 
Rupert the Pig
Sweet River bar and Grill
Memorial Day Murph
CrossFit San Gabriel Valley
FTF Pasadena
Carleen Lassard
We discuss the announcement from a certain head person of a very large company.  We also discuss an idea about regionals and our thoughts on the process of the fair measurement of "the fittest people on the planet"
We discuss events-  oh shit, the word of the day. 
Coach K has too much coldcock... whiskey... 
Brian discusses something, but we have no idea what! 
There's a lot of Redd's apple ale flying around 

FTF Episode 12- Carlee Acevedo Fuller as guest!

May 7th, 2014

We have guest athlete and speaker- Carlee Acevedo Fuller from CrossFit Audeamus-  Carlee talks about her regionals career with CrossFit and also her new weightlifting career. 

We have Jimmy Johns. 

Coach K Misses Tyrone

We speak on timed versus non0timed fitness. 

We talk about other random topics such as programming and the such! 

Great episode... SHARE with everyone!